EV Charging

Looking for an Electric Vehicle Charger Installer?

Meet Go Car Charge, our sister company, and experts in all things EV! 

Recognising that more Electric Vehicles (EVs) means that more of us will need car charging points, Go Car Charge was founded in 2021, by Tom Saevarsson, to support electric car charge points for domestic and commercial use in the UK.

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Tom brought Lisa Thurnell on board in June 2021 as a Director to help establish and manage Go Car Charge due to her extensive work history in the automotive sector, as well as working together on previous projects.

Together, we believe that installing new technology should be easy and straightforward – including setting up a charging point for EVs at the home or at a place of business.

Are you joining the EV revolution? 

As part of The Road to Zero strategy, the UK government has set a target to see at least half of all new cars sold, and 40% of new vans, to be ultra-low emission by 2030. According to the RAC there are already “around 456,000 zero-emission Battery Electric Vehicles on the UK’s roads – with in the region of 77,000 registered in 2022 alone – along with over 348,000 plug-in hybrids.”  

We’re keen to support this EV revolution and with our expert EV charge point installers, help the UK build up its infrastructure to make living with EVs as easy and as attainable as possible, to keep us all on the road. 

A more sustainable home & workplace 

By connecting your EV charge point to your Solar Power system, you can close the loop on your electrical usage, enhancing your efforts to go grid free and keeping your carbon emissions at an all-time low. 

At TS Electrical, our team of qualified Solar Panel installers supply and install Solar Panel and Battery Storage solutions for our domestic and commercial customers.

Solar Panel Installer

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Learn more about installing charge points for your home or business by visiting gocarcharge.co.uk.  

Chat to our experts to find out more about Solar Panel installations for your home or business at solar@tselectrical.info, or visit Solar Services | TS Electrical.