Cut electricity bills and reduce carbon footprint with home-grown energy

Energise your home and business with the power of the sun

Our team supply and install Solar PV and Battery Storage solutions for our domestic and commercial customers. As an MCS certified installer, you can be certain that the equipment we use meets good standards of performance and that our installers are technically safe, competent and insured. Plus, you can be paid for every unit of electricity that you feed back into the grid under the Smart Export Guarantee.

Homeowners can also take advantage of 0% VAT until 31 March 2027. The zero rate applies to the installation of certain specified energy-saving materials in domestic properties, including solar panels and battery storage solutions. 

We also help our customers decrease their emissions and increase their sustainability by installing and connecting their EV chargepoints to their Solar Power system.  


Solar Panels, also known as Solar Photovoltaics (PV), capture the suns energy and convert it into electricity that you can use in your home or business. Despite popular belief, the cells in the Solar Panels do not need direct sunlight to work and can even work on cloudy days, which is good news for our UK based homes. 

Our MCS certified installers will work with you to determine the best position and array requirements based on your property and energy usage needs, as well as connecting any other green energy devices. 

Solar Panel Install


Partner your Solar Panel installation with an efficient Battery Storage solution. This enhanced system allows you to choose whether to export surplus energy back to the grid, or simply store to use more of your low carbon generated energy in the home or business.

Our team will help you determine the battery size you’ll need based on your current energy usage, including the size of any other green energy devices connected, such as an EV chargepoint or heat pump system.  

You can also enjoy the benefits of battery storage without solar panels. A standalone battery storage system allows you to store electricity from the grid when it’s cheaper and use it when it’s expensive, helping you to save on your energy costs. 

GivEnergy Battery Storage


Maximise the use of free solar energy by diverting excess electricity generated by your solar panels to your immersion heater, instead of exporting it to the grid. This can be achieved by installing a PV immersion controller in your system, and will provide hot water throughout your home using surplus power from your solar installation. 

Hot water for your home

Charge your EV with solar power

We can help make your low carbon energy go even further by installing and connecting your EV chargepoint with your current or new Solar Panel installation to enable you to charge your electric vehicle with the power of the sun.  

Find out more about how you can join the ‘Road to Zero’ with our EV chargepoint installer service (coming soon!). 

EV Charge Point Installations


With a team of qualified, fully insured, NICEIC and MCS registered electricians, we can supply and install Solar Panel and Battery Storage solutions for your home or business. 


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