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Changes to Commercial Property Energy Efficiency Standards

From 1 April 2023 landlords must not continue letting a non-domestic property that has an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating below E.

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), first introduced in April 2018, stated that landlords could not grant tenancy to new tenants (or renew or extend an existing tenancy agreement) of non-domestic properties with a sub-standard energy rating, unless an exemption applies. A sub-standard energy rating is defined as an EPC rating of F or G. 

How have the MEES changed?

From April 2023, these standards will apply to existing leases too*, which means landlords must not continue to let a sub-standard non-domestic property to existing tenants (even where there has been no tenancy extension or renewal), unless an exemption applies which has been registered on the PRS Exemptions Register. 

Failure to bring let commercial properties up to standard could mean significant fines, therefore landlords should check their current EPC rating and make steps to improve their properties energy efficiency.  

If possible, aim to bring the EPC rating up to an A or B standard, as a recent Government consultation (the EPC B Implementation) has confirmed that the future trajectory for the non-domestic MEES will be EPC B by 2030.** 

How can buildings become more energy efficient? 

There are several steps that landlords can take to improve the energy efficiency of their properties, and therefore improve the EPC rating, including: 

  • Upgrade to LED lighting or low energy lamps 
  • Set up timers and motion sensors for lighting 
  • Install a voltage optimiser to regulate the incoming power supply  
  • Replace old appliances with more energy efficient ones 
  • Set up programmable on/off timers on electrical appliances 
  • Switch to thermostatic radiator valves  
  • Install Solar PV panels and battery storage   

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