Ground-mounted solar in field

Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

Solar panels are not just restricted to installation on a roof. If you have ample space, a ground-mounted solar panel installation could be a more efficient choice for your property.

We asked our solar team to highlight a couple of the pros and cons below:

Energy Efficiency

With roof-mounted solar panels you’re restricted to the space, direction and pitch of your roof, which can affect the amount of solar energy you can generate. However, a ground-mounted solar system allows you to align your panels to receive as much sun as possible as you’re starting the structure from scratch. If space allows, you can also install the ideal number of panels needed to power your home if your roof size is restricting you.

Solar tracking systems, which automatically adjust panel angles based on the sun’s position, can further enhance efficiency.

Installation Costs

A ground-mounted solar system typically costs more initially. This is due to the extra materials needed to set up the mounting structure, additional wiring to reach the home, and any ground works required to safely bury the cables and wiring – a cost that would increase the further away your system is from the home. In comparison, this isn’t something a roof-mounted solar installation should need to consider.


Due to the low height, ground-mounted panels are easier to clean and repair. Additionally, maintenance costs would be cheaper as you wouldn’t need specialist equipment that would be needed to reach the roof-mounted counterpart.

Land Requirements

Ground-mounted solar panels are a good option for properties with a large amount of land or a roof that’s unsuitable for solar panels. It’s worth noting that you would need enough unobstructed space where nearby buildings or trees can’t cast shadows and reduce your solar panels energy production. Urban areas often favour roof-mounted solar panels due to their elevated position to help combat this.

You can learn more about the options for roof-mounted solar panels in our update here.

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Whether you choose ground-mounted or roof-mounted panels, solar energy remains a clean, renewable, and affordable source of power that can help you reduce your energy bills, lower your carbon emissions, and earn extra income from your home.

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