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On-Roof Solar v Roof Integrated Solar

With the ever-expanding style options for Solar Panels, we asked our solar experts to explain the pros and cons of standard On-Roof Solar PV and Roof Integrated Solar PV.

In general, both types of solar systems work in the same way – they’re an array of Solar Panels installed on the roof in the best position for maximum sunlight throughout the day. Energy is transferred to the Solar Inverter, which converts the DC energy to AC energy, which is then able to power your home. Yet there are differences when it comes to looks, costs and installation; some of which we have highlighted below:

Solar Aesthetics

Most people make the decision to have Roof Integrated Solar for the aesthetics. This is because the standard style of On-Roof Solar is fitted on top of the existing tiles with a series of mounts and clamps, which leads them to having a bulky reputation. Whereas Roof Integrated Solar sits flush with the roof tiles, resulting in a much more streamlined look. This can be disguised even more if you match the colour of the panels to your roof tiles.

On-Roof Solar

Solar Weight

As mounts and brackets need to be used with On-Roof solar, this will inevitably add more weight to the overall structure of the roof. With Roof Integrated Solar, because the tiles are removed and no solar mounting frame is needed, you tend to not be adding anymore weight on top of the existing roof structure. However, with either option, our MCS certified team will check that the roof structure is strong enough to withstand the additional load of the solar PV panels in the first instance.

Solar Efficiency

One of the advantages of On-Roof Solar is that there is a gap between the panels and the roof which allows air to circulate, keeping the overall system temperature low. In comparison, Roof Integrated Solar doesn’t have this ventilation and therefore are operating at higher temperature, which could impact efficiency. It’s worth noting that the optimal solar panel performance temperature is tested around 25°C, which as we know doesn’t come around that often in the UK.

Roof Integrated Solar

Solar Costs

When they were first introduced, Roof Integrated Solar was significantly more expensive than On-Roof Solar. However, as more of us look to install solar panels, plus the technological advancements and increased market competition, we are seeing that costs per panel, whether it’s a traditional On-Roof or an Integrated style, is decreasing.

It’s also worth noting that for an existing building, Roof Integrated Solar would cost more to install due to the labour involved of removing the existing roof tiles. However, when considering a new build, the install costs can be equal to On-Roof Solar if they are built into the plans.

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