Building the Future: Women in Electrical Engineering

At TS Electrical, we believe everyone should be given the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their expertise in an industry they feel passionate about.

As an electrical contractor that works within residential and commercial projects, we’re proud to offer a diverse range of practical electrical work experience in our apprenticeships. We currently have apprentices on 3 year and 2 year contracts learning all they can from our more experienced engineers here at TS Electrical.

We’ve recently caught up with Molly Thornhill, who is currently in her second year of a 3 year apprenticeship, so she can share her experience of working in this traditionally male dominated industry.

Find out more from Molly below…

How did you choose your apprenticeship?

As soon as I left school, I knew I wanted to do an apprenticeship of some sort as I feel this is the best way to go. During covid I managed to do some work with my dad who’s a self-employed builder. And this is where it all began, as I got to know all the trades. The electrical side really stood out for me. So, I started doing little jobs here and there with my uncle who was an electrician and then joined college and changed firms. Now I’m with TS Electrical and it was the best decision I made.

How has life as an electrician been so far?

Before joining TS, I was unsure as I came from a very small company before. Plus, being a woman in the industry you have to be prepared to face things that maybe aren’t so nice. Not everyone agrees with woman being in this ‘male industry’ for example, but we can make the change! After putting myself out there and seeing the bigger picture, I knew this is what was going to be right for me.

Everyone at TS Electrical is so welcoming and really made my time here enjoyable and comfortable. It would be great to see more women putting themselves out there and doing what they want to do!

Are there many women in the electrical industry?

Unfortunately, no, not that I’ve seen. For example, I’m the only woman on site from the TS team, and only one of two women on my college course. It would be great to see more women on the team and applying for college courses. Hopefully by being open-minded about our opportunities out there we can encourage more women to join the team!

Do you have any other tips or advice for women wanting to pursue a career in the electrical industry?

I think the gender bias toward women in the electrical industry is getting a lot better as time goes on, but if what is stopping you is you thinking ‘it’s a man’s job’ or ‘women can’t do it’, because that’s what you’ve ‘heard’, then don’t listen to it! If that’s what you want to do then throw yourself out there. I promise it’s not as daunting as it seems!!

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