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Combat Viruses With UVC LED Panels

In an era where the threat of serious viruses looms larger than ever, the adoption of UVC LED panels has increased across various settings including healthcare facilities, warehouses, offices and schools.

Despite the shift toward more flexible work environments, there remain instances where harmful bacteria and viruses persist. These pathogens can spread from person to person or linger on contaminated surfaces, posing risks to public health.

How do UVC LED Panels works?

UVC LED panels utilise ultraviolet light in the short-wave spectrum (UVC) to neutralize pathogens and microorganisms present in the air. Specifically, viruses, bacteria, and mold are deactivated as air passes through the panel. The process is known as germicidal irradiation and ensures immediate disinfection. Subsequently, the purified air is continuously circulated within the room via an integrated fan. Here’s a breakdown of the key benefits:

🦠 UVC Light Emission

The panels emit UVC photons, which penetrate the cells of microorganisms, damaging their nucleic acid (such as DNA). As a result, these harmful pathogens lose their ability to replicate, rendering them inactive.

💡 Safety and Efficiency

Unlike traditional mercury-based lamps, UVC LED panels are safe for human health. They can remain operational throughout the day, similar to standard LED lamps. Additionally, maintenance requirements are minimal, primarily limited to occasional filter changes.

🌿 Energy Efficiency

By opting for UVC LED panels, you not only maintain a healthier environment, but also contribute to energy efficiency and ensure reduced energy costs.

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Create a healthier workplace

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