Does my property need an EICR?

If you’re a landlord of privately rented accommodation, then yes, you’ll need an Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR). From April 2021 it became a legal requirement for landlords to provide an EICR to their existing or new tenants.

The EICR needs to be carried out by a qualified electrician every 5 years, or with a change of tenancy.

What to expect?

During an EICR, our qualified electricians will be carrying out an in-depth inspection of your property’s electrical systems and installation. The report assesses the competency of your electrics by three different categories:

  • C1 – this indicates that danger exists and will need immediate attention 
  • C2 – this indicates that there is the potential for danger and advises urgent attention 
  • C3 – this indicates that the electrics pose no danger but still recommends the improvement of the electrical system 

Our team will provide a breakdown on the report with the safety grading of all the fixed electrics across the property. This will clearly show the repairs that are mandatory, recommended and areas which are safe. Any remedial work that is required, or areas that are recommended, can be booked in with the team to be put right.

As the EICR does not cover electrical appliances, only the fixed electrical installations, landlords may also wish to consider portable appliance testing (PAT) on any electrical appliance provided to the tenant.

How long will an EICR take? 

Depending on the size of your property, the EICR could take a few hours to a full day, but our team will work with you to ensure the least disturbance to your tenants as possible. Click here to learn more about the process after an EICR is completed at your property.

We offer a free pre-EICR site survey!

Use this complimentary site survey to discuss your specific EICR, as well as any PAT needs, so you know what to expect on the day. 

Contact our experts

If you’re due your 5-year EICR, or are changing tenants, chat to our team today on 01280 830135 or drop us an email at to get booked in.  

You can find out more about The Regulations at: Guide for landlords: electrical safety standards in the private rented sector – GOV.UK (