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What is Electrical Load Testing?

Electrical load testing is a critical service in ensuring the optimal functioning of electrical systems to help keep homes and businesses safe, save money and ensure code requirements are being met.

Electrical load refers to a process that consumes electrical energy and transforms it into heat, light, and power. Electrical loads must be properly balanced for them to work well and avoid safety problems. It’s important to address unbalanced loads to maintain the stability and efficiency of an electrical system. This may involve redistributing loads or identifying and resolving issues with the power supply.

Regular maintenance and monitoring are crucial to prevent and correct unbalanced load situations in electrical systems. This is where load testing comes into play, and our team have shared a few of the benefits below:

Improve Energy Efficiency

Balanced loads contribute to improved energy efficiency, as the system operates at its maximum capacity without wasting energy due to uneven distribution. Load testing allows for a comprehensive analysis of energy consumption patterns before and after upgrades, providing tangible data on the effectiveness of energy efficiency improvements.

Maintain Voltage Stability

Balancing helps maintain stable voltage levels across the distribution network, preventing voltage fluctuations and ensuring consistent power supply to connected loads. Balanced loads also reduce transmission line losses, resulting in more efficient power delivery and cost savings for utilities and end-users.

Extended Testing Duration

Conducting load tests over an extended period (e.g., 24 hours) provides a comprehensive understanding of the system’s performance under varying conditions, helping identify potential issues that may not be apparent during shorter tests.

When to test your Electrical Load

With commercial properties and warehouse spaces in particular, electrical load testing should be conducted regularly to ensure your wiring is handling the high loads that can occur daily. You should also conduct a load test when you:

  • Want to improve energy efficiency and energy costs
  • Are installing new, high-wattage equipment
  • Have experienced unexplained drops or surges in power
  • Need to verify the load capacity of your system and/or prepare for an inspection

Book in with our load testing team

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